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1. Our wooden fence styles.

  • Spaced Board

  • Board on Board

  • Picket

  • Board and Batten 

  • Split Rail

  • Stockade

  • Estate

  • Vertical Board

  • Paddock

2. Our wood fence design styles.

Our professional crew can handle any design style you want for your home. You can choose from our following fence designs or design one yourself. Our design styles include


  • Concave 

  • French Gothic

  • Shadowbox

  • Lattice top

  • Tabletop or arched

However complex, decorate or more- nothing is too difficult for us. With our many styles of fence and designs plus with a wide variety of different caps and posts, your choice will look different from other fence options. 

A few things you need to know when selecting the wood for your fence. Take into consideration the cost, color, appearance, quality, maintenance, and durability. You cannot go wrong to have a cedar fence on your property. Not only will you enjoy its deep rich color, but take satisfaction in knowing that is a durable weather fence and termite resistance. Redwood, which is very popular, has a distinctive pink color which grays slightly over time. It is a very hardy wood and is naturally moisture moisture and termite resistant. 

To help your wood fence last longer we will treat the fence with a water repellent to help them resist warping. Have satisfaction in knowing that your fence will stay beautiful and last for years to come. 

We certainly want to know your personal taste, level of privacy and protection for your kids and any pets. if necessary. Our goal is to install the best fence in the entire neighborhood and have you loving to be outside because of the beauty of your fence. 

Whatever your fence need please let us give you the best quote guarantee by calling us today. Do you also need gate openers? We can help you with that. Make sure to check out our gate services page.

Madewell Construction owns and operates Lubbock Fence. Visit us online at .

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